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Therefore if you have a significant amount of bodyfat you should lose that before you even think about bulking. Whichever it is make sure your diet , workout are designed as intelligently as possible so you don’ t gain excess body fat while you bulk you don’ t lose any muscle mass while you cut. First we should figure out if you’ re even skinny- fat.

Muscle takes years to build: fat takes months to cut. Skinny fat should cut first. We’ re a site that specializes in various types of skinny guys we’ ve noticed that it’ s fairly common for skinny guys to assume they’ ve got a higher bodyfat percentage than they do.

Don’ t worry about getting a six- pack yet, you need to build muscle up in order to actually have a six- pack to reveal. ‘ This article is a waste of time if you’ re fat you cut if. Bulking is a serious decision because you should.

But if i bulk up first i must cut a whole lot of fat. For a successful physique transformation losing fat , not to get caught in a vicious circle for years, you should first work out whether you should be adding mass recomping.
I’ m really confused i wanted to gain muscle since i don’ t have much of them and than get to a bf of 15%. Use your current body fat percentage to help you determine if you should bulk or cut first. I like this logic, I' m not skinny fat but I wish I cut first before bulking now in order to get rid of this lower belly ring I' m afraid I' ll have to cut out. Oct 30 · If you’ re skinny- fat then you should bulk. I finally broke the vicious cycle of bulking and cutting. I was wondering if i cut first bad.

I was down to 175. 2% i wanted to ask should i bulk up or cut first. This is the secret benefit of getting lean before you bulk.

Skinny fat should cut first. I' m way way happier having cut first i’ m lbs with a bf of 20. So feel worse, you’ re going to get fatter, if you’ re skinny- fat , look worse, decide to go on a bulking phase first have that much more fat to lose when you decide to cut weight. When you hit a plateau ( progress on all lifts slows to a crawl) use it as a good opportunity to cut for a bit then go back to bulking. All of my gains, I' ll still look better then when I started but it felt so good to be pushing 210. * If you’ re mostly skinny but have some fat covering your belly, then you should focus on building muscle first. 8 this week and a recent BF update had me having lost 2.

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Jan 21, · The reason why you want to cut first is because if you bulk, you will still look fat. Better to cut first, and then go on a long lean bulk.
Assuming this is for newbies, you will also gain a little bit of muscle if you are brand new anyway. You' ll look better after your cutting period, and its easier to bulk than cut.

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The question of whether to bulk or cut first should be looked at on a case- by- case basis rather than following one concrete guideline that every skinny fat guy should follow. Sometimes it makes more sense to start off with a cutting phase, and other times it makes more sense to start off with a bulking phase.

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Oct 13, · Search other YouTube channels for their recommended " skinny fat workout" or " skinny fat diet" and the advice is usually split down the middle. Some will tell you to. Jun 20, · i mean they' re skinny but still fat so if they bulk they' re most likely gonna end up real fat im an advocate for cut first bulk after - but tahts my opinion - unless you are only moderately fat - and more skinny.

Im 45 days into a skinny fat cut where I was at 187. 2 starting weight at 5' 9" with 22.