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The gist of it is as follows - eat your bodyweight in grams of protein per day; as many veggies as you want ( except for starchy veggies) ; no fruit,. Jun 25, · Review of Lyle McDonald' s Rapid Fat Loss diet I bought the E Book. You look for something that has fad diet written all over it anything, never read the book but just from the words " rapid fat loss diet" that' s the quick conclusion I make. ) The remainder of this article is a log of my progress on the diet over 11 days. I' ve had good results on the diet. I do think the book is overpriced. Examines 4 different approaches to determining how much muscle a natural individual can gain over a career of lifting.

) lose up to 10- 15lbs of body fat in 2 weeks and an additional 10+ pounds of water weight. May 20 · Lyle McDonald' s Rapid Fat Loss Diet - My Results - On May 20 I decided to start Lyle McDonald' s Rapid Fat Loss diet. Rapid fat loss diet lyle results.

Oct 24 eating too little calories, · Doing a Protein Sparing Fast ( Rapid Fat Loss) is one of the biggest regrets in my transformative journey. It' s called Lyle' s Rapid Fat Loss, but the author calls it a " crash diet" so that sounds perfect.

What’ s My Genetic Muscular Potential? So I decided to do something drastic and try Lyle McDonald’ s Rapid Fat Loss Diet.
( Note based on my results I signed up to be an affiliate for the program, buy the program, so if you click the link I’ ll get a small cut.

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Jan 02, · Thought I' d post a summary of my results as a resource to others and maybe to have a fresh discussion on the pros and cons if anyone wants. The diet is a modified Protein Sparing Modified Fast.
I followed the protocol in Lyle McDonald' s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook.
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The Rapid Fatloss Handbook Diet. Fortunately for me, I’ ve been following Lyle and his work for long as I have been lifting weights.

When I decided to drop two full weight classes in less than three months, I knew my diet of choice would Lyle’ s Rapid Fatloss Handbook ( RFL).

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RFL is a protein- sparring fast. I found an article that outlines how to ( safely!