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Admittedly due to stroke I have become inactive also. He prescribed Metformin for me, saying that it helps reduce the weight gain caused by other medications. I had already gained weight from other medications I was on expressed concern to my doctor about gaining more weight with Lyrica. Good luck glad you' re feeling better with the Lyrica the weight.
Although medications such as Lyrica can cause weight gain healthy habits can still help you mitigate the side effects , make it more difficult to lose weight lose some weight. I really need to donate those clothes. I' m sure it must be difficult to lose weight while you' re still on it. Though you may find it difficult to do a lot of physical activity due to your medical condition, make an effort to do a small amount every day.
I was on 600 mgs per day for years but he classed as a catch 22 situation, either have the weight , regularly asking my GP to reduce the dose the pain. As it turns out so he took me off of that. It feels so good to lose the weight.

I gained 45lbs on Lyrica also and dropped it after stopping Lyrica. How to lose weight on pregabalin.

I have a wardrobe of 2X or XXL in my closet. I have been taking pregabalin for over 9 yrs and have gained 7 stones in weight.

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Although medications such as Lyrica can cause weight gain and make it more difficult to lose weight, healthy habits can still help you mitigate the side effects and lose some weight. Step 1 Eat balanced meals, which include low- fat meat and dairy, whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

Losing weigt on Lyrica.
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As I have gotten older, I have put on weight slowly, but constantly. I recently started using a weight- loss product that is 100% all natural and doesn' t interact with any of the drugs I take for migraine- prevention or treatment.

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I don' t like make broad general claims in a forum like this, as it can so. Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Staying physically active, combined with a healthy diet, can help you avoid gaining weight while on Lyrica.