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People Who Take Topamax Do Lose Weight— But There' s A Huge Catch. After taking the full dose which is 100mg - 25 mg for 1 week then 50 then 100 starting from week 3).

Most people suggest that it takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to be free of withdrawal symptoms. Do not use for weight loss it will screw up your metablism when you stop taking it. Although it was effective became essentially unable to study , work because of vocabulary , dropped down to 100lbs ( 5’ 7″ ) memory loss as well as fatigue.
Verrotti A( 1) Agostinelli S, Loiacono G, Parisi P, Pisani F, Pisani LR, Striano P, Coppola G, Gorgone G, Marra F Belcastro V. ) I dropped 20 lbs.

But I obviously need to lose weight. How and Why it May Work ( + What to use I. You then take note of the weight loss during the 2 weeks take it as a reference for the following ones, · Hi, considering that increasing from 50 to 100 normally increases c 04, about 3 weeks ago I started a patient on Topamax for weight loss.
The half- life of the drug ranges from 19 to 25 hours, meaning it could take over 2 days for the drug to leave your system. Getting Off Topamax Due to Hair Loss - Angry Need Advice Follow Posted 20 months ago 9. But again, the study conclusion mentions that side effects need to be considered. I get bad migraines it has been suggested that I start Topamax however I am nervous about the weight loss. I adjusted the the side effects now. This female weighs 290 pounds now. My doctor has prescribed Topamax for weight loss. Topamax is also used for weight loss because loss of appeitite is one of side effects. Weight regain after discontinuation of topiramate treatment in patients with migraine: a prospective observational study. However my doctor also prescribed Topamax ( used as an anti- convulsant.

So, my Dr suggested a weightloss pill with the speed of lightning. I was prescribed Topamax 2 months ago for Migraines, 1 month after I started back on MFP.
However after being on Topamax for over a month now I must say that I feel wonderful! I do occisionaly get some tigglely sensation in my hands feet but that usually going away in a hour so after taking the med. Those who took the drug for 28 weeks or longer had more significant weight loss than those who took it for a smaller amount of time.
Weight loss after stopping topamax. I did noticed it helped my weight loss.

I being all about a helping hand said " OF COURSE! Weight loss after stopping topamax. Weight loss and Topamax Pumpkin00.

Weight loss after stopping topamax. I just took my last 12.

She came back today for a check up and had lost 15 pounds! In when I first started taking the medication and have maintained that weight until recently I gained ( 8 lbs menopause) 136 lbs. But I had already starting losing weight before starting it and well before I was at the target dose. I was also on Zoloft ( 100mg) for aniexty.

I am on two anti- depressants Seroquel and Lamictal that both cause weight gain. Although everyone likes losing those 5 extra vanity pounds, do I have something to worry about. At the most she weighed 340 pounds.
You will gain all your weight and more. There is really no telling how long the withdrawal from Topamax is going to last. I currently wear a size 0- 2 cannot afford to lose that much weight.

5 mg of topamax after spending the last 11 months slowly c 23, · I recently had to stop topiramate after 6 months of use. Dramatic weight loss! It is an off label use, but well known side effect. I keep hearing about all this weight loss with Topamax. Normally, you weigh yourself 2 weeks after taking Topamax ( e. Topamax For Weight Loss?
She says that she just doesn' t feel hungry anymore. When I started taking Topamax recently, I ' did' start losing weight that ' coincided' with starting it. Oct 29 · So I never had any weight loss that was caused by the drug itself.

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I am now 150 pounds. Before taking Topamax I probably weighed about 135 or so.
I have never weighed this much in my life. I had to buy an entire new wardrobe because none of my clothes fit.

Everything I have read says that you will gain weight after stopping it, but then you will go back to your normal weight after 2 to 3 months.
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topamax, migraine, weight, medicine Details: I started taking topamax for my migraines about 15 years ago and i did lose 55 pounds as a direct result of the medicine ( 100 2x day). How Topamax May Help with Weight Loss.

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Most prescription weight loss medications focus on 1 of 3 very important mechanisms to help with weight loss: Regulation of appetite ( 3) - Some medications focus on reducing your appetite which causes you to eat less food. These medications do NOT work very well long- term and almost always result in weight gain after you stop taking them.

Topamax Sucks For Weight Loss. I learned this the hard way after taking it for a long time.

You can lose weight on Topamax but it comes back.