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Tell her you' re a guy and you wouldn' t be able to guess. I spent 8 more months with him, didn' t really lose any weight at all because even though I.
Maybe you should try to talk to her about other things other activities that don' t revolve around food , take her to do things that would take her mind off of her weight like movies parties. My advice to you is don' t even do it. That is a bad subject that will probably get you dumped on the spot.

And tell me why you are concerned about your girlfriend’ s weight gain. How to tell girlfriend to lose weight reddit. You see when your girlfriend puts on weight she notices it long before you do, so she’ s already aware that she might have packed on a few pounds during the long winter months. You need to tell your girlfriend to lose weight.

Yoga has such capabilities that at the superficial level it will look like stress reliever but will also work for weight loss and your girlfriend won' t even realize it. We met senior year of college hit it off it was awesome to have someone around while adjusting to life after college.

I noticed my girlfriend had. I thought that maybe I would be more attracted to her if I gained weight too so I gained 30 lbs ( the healthy way mostly.

How to tell your girlfriend to lose weight in a nice way. Oct 12, · There is no easy way to tell your girlfriend to lose weight. How To Tell Your.

She is still beautiful sexy, less motivation to do anything , seems fairly happy but she has less energy doesn’ t fit her clothes anymore. But here’ s the problem.

Jan 01, 1970 · Answers From a Hot Girl: Can I Encourage My Girlfriend to Lose Weight? Jan 28 · Frankly shes getting over weight during sex im thinking of me having sex with other people from the past. Ram_ this911 · 1 decade ago. How to tell girlfriend to lose weight reddit.

Doesn’ t particularly want to lose the weight she' s gained. And yes I wasn' t happy but to be able to lose weight you need to be in the right mind frame to be able to do it and I wasn' t.

How do I talk to my girlfriend about her weight? But before you open your big mouth suggest that she hit the gym read this advice very carefully.

Mar 22 · I can tell you that under no circumstance should you tell her how much you think she weighs has gained. How To Get Your Girlfriend To Lose Weight. I want to tell her she should lose weight cause its starting to really damage the way i think about her but then again i dont want to come off rude.

I tried one two times to tell her how to lose weight which was a huge mistake. Are you worried about what your friends and family will think? While you cannot make your partner work out you can encourage them to lose weight be healthy.

If you tell her directly to join it to lose weight she might get annoyed and refuse it. Quora User Love protects, trusts . The problems started about six months after graduation. At least 10 kg by your estimate. Talking To Your Girlfriend About Her Weight Gain. When it comes to women their weight it is a very very sensitive subject for any man to bring up.

I know people will say im p 29 · If your significant other is overweight it can be a stress on your relationship. How do you tell your girlfriend that her weight gain is impacting your attraction? You love your girlfriend that isn' t affected by her weight gain but. I’ ve been dating my girlfriend for three years, happily for one.

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My ex' s strategy was to tell me I was fat he no longer found me attractive. Fair enough, I' d gained a bunch of weight for a variety of reasons, super quickly.

Like, over one winter quickly. Not fun to hear, but fair enough.

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So I immediately start trying to lose lationship How to talk to my GF about losing weight when her health is not in danger? OP want' s his girlfriend to lose weight, so he will find her more attractive.

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honesty is the best policy in a relationship. The best way to approach it is to tell the truth.