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For regular healthy people green coffee bean will not cause any addiction to cause due to only containing low levels. Can green coffee bean cause headaches. Excessive coffee can be toxic to your body it messes with your nerves the brain enough to cause lasting headaches. To avoid these ailments it is imperative that you drink enough water throughout the day consume seasonal fruits that have a high moisture content. As you know Green Coffee Bean Extract contains caffeine caffeine can cause diarrhea if your body is not adjusted.

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As you know, Green Coffee Bean Extract contains caffeine, and caffeine can cause diarrhea if your body is not adjusted. If you do not consume coffee regularly, this may be a reason for this groups common symptoms. Many coffee drinkers will blame coffee as the source of their headaches.

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It is true that research shows that overcaffeination can cause headaches. The reason coffee drinkers associate coffee and headaches is because most coffee drinkers drink poor quality beans. Most coffee lovers drink “ blends” which contain Robusta beans instead of 100% Arabica.
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If you are someone for whom caffeine can cause things like nervousness and headaches, don’ t immediately disregard the possibility that you can use green coffee bean extract. Take into account the degree to which you are sensitive to caffeine, and consult your doctor as to whether or not a low dosage might be okay. So maybe it’ s something else in the coffee beans themselves other than caffeine that are causing the problems.

I’ ve drank the decaf coffee every day in the past six months ( gave it up for only about 2 weeks for green jasmine tea) and it never caused problems, so I don’ t think it’ s the coffee. The amount of caffeine is meager in green coffee bean extract; the increased amount happens when the beans get roasted and become brown coffee beans used in various coffee products.